What Makes Givenchy Watches Different from Ordinary Ones?

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Budget consumers might not be interested in designer watches, but that does not mean that there are no buyers for designer watches. There are many consumers that love to buy Givenchy watches and they make sure that they buy them whenever they have the opportunity. There is an ongoing debate about whether you should really purchase these designer watches which have features like any other ordinary watches. Well, here we take a quick look at what makes Givenchy watches different from ordinary ones.

Brand Factor

Givenchy watches are known for their brand factor as Givenchy is among the top fashion brands across the world. When you are wearing a Givenchy watch you certainly become a part of iconic fashion brand that has popularity across the globe. While budget consumers might not really go with the brand factor concept but luxury class people certainly care for the brand appeal and that makes them look great. They wear the best brands in the market and therefore Givenchy watches are still much in demand as there are buyers for it.

Style Factor

Givenchy watches are stylish and fashionable and they make fashion statements when you wear it. Many people love to be in fashion and they love to carry the best brands that they can find. Hence, buyers that love to be stylish and fashionable still go ahead with Givenchy watches that still rule the fashion world. You will find Givenchy watches in classical styles and trendy styles so you get to choose from wide range of variety that you can find in the stores.

Aesthetic Value

All Givenchy watches have aesthetic value and that certainly remains as it is even when the watch is many years old. These designer watches are known for their appeal and aesthetic value and therefore you will find that there are more buyers for it even after many years and if you are planning to sell out your old Givenchy watch you will find that there are buyers willing to pay good price for it. This is something that you won’t find with ordinary watches as their value and demand drops after few months of launch.

Gift Factor

When you are buying a gift for him it is important that it matches his style in watches and meets his expectations. Givenchy watches are designed to exhibit exclusive style and fashion that ordinary watches do not show. Now, it is no secret that we are partial to the brand but make no mistake, these are some of the finest watches you will find anywhere in the world and if you want to impress the man of your dreams you could do worse.  There are plenty of men’s gift guides that will tell you a Rolex will win his heart but take our word for it – think outside the box and you will impress him with your mind.

High Quality

Givenchy watches are made from high quality materials and therefore they are more durable than regular watches that are made from regular materials. Top fashion brands are conscious about their reputation in the market and therefore they offer high quality products that can last really long.

Givenchy Growing in China


In an interview with the South China Morning Post, Sebastian Suhl, chief executive of Givenchy since March last year, said the fashion brand would speed up its bold expansion plan by increasing the number of outlets to 30 from about 10 in major cities such as Shanghai and Tianjin. The brand is luring young Chinese consumers with trendy yet competitively priced ready-to-wear products.

Suhl, a former chief operating officer for Italian brand Prada, said the mainland’s relatively fast economic growth and rising middle class were driving his expansion plan, even though he is aware of a pledge by the president to clean up endemic corruption, which is often associated with giving luxury gifts such as handbags and jewellery.

“Concern about the crackdown on the luxury goods market on the mainland is likely to be temporary because China needs to promote domestic consumption by boosting the consumer discretionary sector, such as services and non-essential goods,” Paris-based Suhl said.

Numerous reports have highlighted that the mainland’s much publicised crackdown on extravagant consumption has played a significant role in the slowdown in the luxury market, especially after Xi launched a policy to discourage officials from displays of wealth and lavish spending. Some Chinese officials are known to expect bribes in the form of luxury goods and meals at upmarket restaurants.

The veteran brand manager said Givenchy’s first boutique on the mainland, which opened in Shanghai in December, had shown “high single-digit” growth in revenue and earnings at a time when other rivals had stopped opening new outlets.

“Our more diversified product line, including leather goods, ready-to-wear for both men and women, helps us to weather the economic cycle,” he added.

Earlier, the Italian brand Gucci, owned by PPR, said it would not open any new stores on the mainland this year after growth in the Chinese market fell sharply to single digits last year.


Buying Givenchy Watches: How to Spot a Fake One?

Fake Givenchy Watches

Fake Givenchy Watches

When you are buying designer watches you have to be extra careful especially when you are getting it for a low price because there are many dealers that are around that can trick you into buying a fake one and charge you higher price for it. Givenchy watches have always remained the epitome of fashion and style and many men and women focus on buying Givenchy watches that look great and can add to their style statement. It is always recommended that you buy from a reputed dealer that can provide you with genuine Givenchy watches every time you buy it. Retail in Asia is competitive but if a deal looks too good to be true….



Givenchy watches are going to be expensive and therefore you need to keep close watch on the rates. Most of the watches start with a price tag of $2000 and above and therefore you have to be particular about it. If the dealer is offering you a price which is extremely low you need to pay attention to the rates and that should make it clear that probably you are not getting the real Givenchy watch. There are some dealers that do offer low price deal but that cannot be extremely low like just few hundred dollars.


Givenchy watches are going to be bit heavier because of the original materials that are used in it and therefore you also need to focus on the weight of the watches you buy. The cheaper imitation watches will be lighter and therefore you can easily make out that you are not getting the real watch. If you prefer, you can try out the original Givenchy watches at the flagship stores in your area and feel the weight of the watch that you are interested in buying.

Details on Back

There are many dealers that will not show you the back of the watch and they will show you the watch from the box itself. Well, you need to make sure that you pick up the watch and check it thoroughly because it could be a fake one. You can read more details about the watch and the company on the back of the watch.

Front Details

While you are buying Givenchy watches you also need to pay attention to the small details on the front in the display section. You can watch the movement of the watch, the style, shape of numbers and brand logo and so on. You should also wind the watch and check if you are able to do it smoothly.

Buying Givenchy Watches at Affordable Rates

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Buying Givenchy Watches

There are many people that love buying designer watches, but they don’t have the high budget for it. Givenchy watches are immensely popular across the globe for the brand factor that it offers, but many people believe that Givenchy watches are highly expensive and therefore it is something that is beyond their budget. However, there are buyers that search for better ways on how they can buy Givenchy watches at affordable rates. Here we take a quick look at some options that can allow you to buying Givenchy watches at low rates compared to what you find in the stores.

Shopping Sites

There are hundreds of shopping sites on the internet that can allow you to experience the fun of shopping and these sites provide Givenchy watches at extremely affordable rates. The most important thing you need to do is that you should research on the reputation of the dealer and website and check if consumers are really happy with the kind of products and services they have received so far. There are many shopping sites that come up with seasonal discounts and offers and you can buy Givenchy watches and take advantage of those discounts.

Classified Sites

Classified sites are growing in numbers on the internet and that means that you can find more online sellers that can help you find Givenchy watches at low rates. There are many individual sellers that want to sell off their used Givenchy watches and therefore you can go for such deals where you can still get Givenchy watches at affordable rates. There are many sellers that also sell new Givenchy watches on classified sites so you can decide what kind of seller you want to deal with. With classified sites you can make sure that you meet the dealer and check the product before you make the deal.

Auction Sites

There are many watch buyers that also place their bid on bidding sites where they can bid on the best Givenchy watches that are in the auction. With auction sites you can be sure that you are not bidding more than your highest bid amount so you can bid on multiple Givenchy watches at the same time and you will manage to win some bids. However, it is important that you ask questions to the sellers before you place your bid and make sure that you are bidding on an authentic Givenchy watch or not.

Why You Should Buy Givenchy Makeup Products?

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Women are conscious about how they look and feel and therefore they prefer to pick the best makeup products that they can find in the market. Givenchy remains one of the top fashion brands in Paris and has managed to gain worldwide popularity in the last five decades. Many women prefer to buy Givenchy makeup products because they want to make sure that they are buying the best brands that can help them look great. However, if you haven’t tried Givenchy products before you would be asking why you should switch to it and try it out. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy Givenchy makeup products.


One of the reasons why you should switch to Givenchy makeup products is because you really care about your skin and your body. Cheap beauty and makeup products can make you look great, but they can impact your skin in a negative way causing you more skin problems and that can ruin your face value in the future. Givenchy makeup products are known for high quality value and therefore you can be sure that you get the best results without compromising the quality and your face value.

Look Great

Givenchy has remained among the top fashgivenchy makeupion brands across the globe and therefore Givenchy makeup products are designed to make you look fashionable and stylish. If you are really concerned about how you look you need to switch to top brands like Givenchy that can provide you with the right finishing that cheaper products cannot deliver. Many women prefer to use Givenchy makeup products because they want to look stylish an
d make an impression when they are at the party or even while they are in the office.

All Day Performance

Givenchy products go through strict evaluations and therefore you can be sure that you look great even at the end of the day. Givenchy makeup products are designed to make you look natural throughout and therefore you can be sure that you do not have to reapply it all the time. Many women use Givenchy products for their daily office routine and they have the same look till the end of the day which gives them the right level of self confidence.

Long Lasting

Givenchy makeup products are made from high quality materials and therefore you can be sure that these products really last longer and you can use it for many years compared to regular cheap makeup products.

How to Buy Your First Givenchy Watch?

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When you really value your time, you need a watch that can make you feel special. This is why many people buy designer watches that can allow them to look and feel special. Givenchy watches are special in every way and therefore you should buy it for yourself when you have the budget for it. There are many stores where you can buy Givenchy watches that suits your requirements and budget, but you should be careful about what you purchase because buying such watches is an expensive affair. Here are some tips that you can use to buy for your first Givenchy watch.


Givenchy watches are available in many designs and appearances, but that does not mean that all designs will look great on you. You need to focus on the appearance of your Givenchy watch and make sure that it suits your personality and adds to it. Your watch is an extension of your personality and therefore buying the right one is essential. Try some designs before you reach any conclusions or before you decide which one you want to purchase. When you try it out you get a better idea of what suits your wrist and personality.


Watch buyers are very particular about the display of the watch and therefore when you are buying your first Givenchy watch you have to be sure about what you want. There are watches available in analog and digital styles and therefore you should be very clear about what you want. Most men and women still prefer to go with the analog display because it adds a timeless feel factor to it while digital display have more functional and practical use to it.

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Givenchy, Paris


When you are buying Givenchy watch you also have to focus on the band of the watch and make sure that it goes with the skin tone and your personality. There are watches that have bands made from leather, brass, ceramic, gold and even stainless steel so make sure that you are well aware of what kind of band you want. This will make your shopping experience easier because you already know what kind of watch suits your personality.


Buying a Givenchy watch can be expensive and therefore you need to be sure that you know your budget. You need to focus on the designs that are available and the price tag as well so that you don’t exceed your budget and buy Givenchy watches that suit your budget.

How to Find Affordable Givenchy Handbag Deals Online?

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Women love designer handbags, but buying designer handbags like Givenchy handbags can be an expensive affair. These handbags are not cheap as they are made from high quality materials and they are looked upon as style and fashion items. While some women can go ahead and buy multiple Givenchy handbags many others cannot do the same mainly because of the high price tag that is attached to it. However, there are ways in which you can find affordable Givenchy handbag deals online and you can make sure that you get the best designs and styles without burning a hole in your wallet.

Discounted Sites

If you are internet savvy you will come across many sites that offer discounts and offers and that is where you will find better Givenchy handbag deals online. You need to start looking out for discounted sites that can allow you to find authentic Givenchy handbags at discounted rates. The interesting thing is that these dealers do not have much expenditure and therefore they are able to offer these handbags at low rates compared to that in a shop. You can also search for season sale or offers that are available and take advantage of it.

Wholesale Dealers

When you are searching for affordable Givenchy handbags you also need to focus on wholesale dealers that can allow you to get Givenchy handbags at low price. These dealers usually have bulk of designer handbags and if you are buying more designer handbags from them they can offer you some discounts that you can avail. With the help of these wholesale dealers you can be sure that you get expensive Givenchy handbags at extremely affordable rates that you can manage.

Auction Sites

If you do not have a high budget for buying Givenchy handbags you can start searching for it on auction sites. There are many auction sites where sellers post their ads and you can bid your highest bid value on it. If you win the auction you get he bag and you can make the payments for it as per the rules and regulations of the site.

givenchy handbag dealsClassified Sites

Online classified sites can also help you to get authentic Givenchy handbags without wasting lot of time. There are many users that would like to sell off their Givenchy handbags online and if you are willing to buy it you can do that through online classified sites. You can get in touch with the seller, check the quality and condition of the handbags and go ahead with the deal.

Benefits of Buying Givenchy Handbags Online

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Online shopping has grown immensely in the past few years as more shoppers around the world prefer to shop on the internet. If you are a shopaholic you don’t need to waste your time going around in shopping malls and finding for the best deals. There are many online dealers that can provide you with the best Givenchy handbags online so you can make use of those options and make sure that you have the best Givenchy handbags that you can find in the market. Here we take a quick look at some of the benefits of buying Givenchy handbags online.

Save Time and Effort

If you are busy and if you don’t have time you can search for the best online deals and get your favorite Givenchy handbags. There are many shoppers that get no time especially when they are handling their personal schedules and professional commitments. Hence, they make sure that they make their purchases on the internet. This allows them to save time and effort because they can buy Givenchy handbags directly from the comfort of their home or office.

More Designs

When you are buying Givenchy handbags on the internet you also get the option to browse through more designs that you might not find in the store. This will help you to make better choices because you can choose from wide range of variety that is available on the internet compared to that of the store. You can also browse through multiple sites and look out for some of the old designs that are no longer available in the stores.

Safe Payment Options

Online Givenchy dealers certainly offer you more payment options and therefore you don’t have to worry about how you are going to make payments. These dealers usually accept credit cards, but if you do not want to make use of your credit cards you can also make use of other online payment methods like PayPal and so on that allows you to make safe payments and you can be sure that you are not cheated.

Discounts and Offers

Givenchy handbags are expensive compared to other regular handbags and therefore you need some great discounts and offers that can help you to save money. Online handbag dealers certainly offer more offers that you can make use of when you are buying Givenchy handbags so make sure you take advantage of that when you are buying Givenchy handbags that can add to your style statement.

Why Women Prefer to Buy Givenchy Handbags?

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There is a growing demand for fake designer handbags in many developing countries, but that has not diminished the trend of designer handbags across the globe. There are many women that love to purchase high quality designer handbags like Givenchy handbags because they want to look great. Women love to carry designer handbags like Givenchy handbags and they make sure that they search for the right ones that can allow them to look great. Here are some reasons why women prefer to buy Givenchy handbags.

Enhance Appearance

Believe it or not, but Givenchy handbags can really add to your personality when you walk with it and therefore many women prefer to buy it. These handbags are designed to show off and therefore they make you feel great an
d stylish. Givenchy handbags are always associated with latest style and fashion and therefore it also enhances your fashion appeal. Many women feel that they look great when they carry their Givenchy handbags to their offices and parties.

Boost Self Confidence

It might sound strange but carrying Givenchy handbags can also boost your self confidence and make you feel good inside. Givenchy has always been associated with top class fashion and style and when you have a Givenchy handbag you certainly feel good and proud that you have one with you. Women love to ensure that they look great and they have the style quotient that can make them look better compared to other women in the room.

Highlights Social Status

buy givenchy handbagsGivenchy handbags do not come cheap and therefore it is an expensive piece of fashion and style. Many women buy these expensive handbags because it also highlights their social status. Women love to show off their social status when they are at the salon or when they are at the party. They would also want to make sure that they are into fashion and style and they have the latest patterns and trends.

Style Factor

Givenchy handbags can provide authentic status because these bags are rare and they are usually seen as style and fashion statements. Hence, women that love to be in style and fashion prefer to go for the best Givenchy handbags that they can find. These handbags are stylish and they also signify the latest in world fashion. If you love being in fashion and if you are conscious about what you wear and what you carry you need Givenchy handbags that can improve your style quotient.

Taking Care of Your New Givenchy Handbag

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So you have finally bought your new Givenchy handbag and you are happy that you can now showoff your new handbag wherever you go. Women love to flaunt their new handbags which give them a sense of pride and honor. While you certainly can make use of your handbag the way you want, but you also want to make sure that you take care of your new Givenchy handbag in the right way if you really want it to last longer. There are many women that feel that their designer handbags do not last long but that is because Givenchy handbags need better care. Here are some tips on how you can take care of your new Givenchy handbag.

Away from Plastic

Many women love to make use of their Givenchy handbags and then put it back in the plastic cover when they are not using it. Well, this is something that you need to avoid because you should not keep your Givenchy bag wrapped in plastic. Although, it feels like we are protecting the leather from further damage, but Givenchy handbags are made from high quality leather that needs to breathe. Hence, when you wrap it in a plastic cover there is no air flow and that means that the bag has no air to breathe which finally leads to mold, mildew and bacteria growth.

Away from Beauty Products

Women love to carry their beauty products with them all the time and that can be one of the reasons why designer handbags do not really last long. Women usually touch their handbags after they have applied beauty products like make up creams, foundation, and hand creams. These beauty products are made up of ingredients that can harm the quality of the leather and that is why designer handbags do not last long. It is recommended that you wash your hands and keep it dry and clean before you handle your Givenchy handbag.

Away from Sharp Objects

givenchy handbagYou certainly bought Givenchy handbag because you want to show it off and therefore you must make sure that you keep it away from sharp objects. Hence, when you take your new Givenchybag to your office you need to ensure that you keep it away from sharp objects. You must also make sure that you o not use it to rest paper while you are making quite notes because the nib of the pen can leave an impression and ruin the leather.